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  • 14052012
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    CarouselMJ - Bad Badlb1

    Bad é o sétimo álbum de estúdio em carreira solo lançado por Michael Jackson pela Epic em 31 de agosto de 1987, que figura como a última das três colaborações do cantor com o produtor Quincy Jones. Nos anos 1980, recebeu críticas severas da imprensa e foi considerado pouco ousado na comparação com álbuns anteriores do astro, principalmente em comparação à Thriller, seu álbum anterior de 1982 — O mais vendido e bem sucedido de todos os tempos.

    Em contrapartida, porém, foi bem recebido...

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  • 02022013
    Bad 25 anos
    I'm So Blue

    There we are as cold as ice
    Asking me to love you
    And after be your friend

    There you are, I walk alone
    Telling me to love you
    And often be your end [da, uh]

    She told me she forgiving me
    A lifetime love forever true [uh]
    But she left me for another man [uh]
    And I'm singing to keep from feelin' blue
    All I know is

    Shada dada dada daa (Oh no)
    Shada dada dada daa (uh)
    Shada dada dada daa
    Come on take me please
    [Set me free]

    Here I am so all alone [uh! ah da]

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  • 02022013
    Bad 25 anos
    Al Capone

    Why did you let him get away?
    After the scary, what you say?
    Shooting me bullets, cold as ice
    Standing my face then put it back.
    She’s heard just fired down, he’s in
    No one had job to get revenge
    Why did you let him get away?
    Why did you let him get her?

    Too bad, forget it
    ‘Cause there’s Al Capone who’s in it
    So sad, regret it
    Cause the madman’s out tonight

    Should have told her
    Nobody ever showed her about us
    I don’t wanna sleepin’
    Nobody should be grieving this way (x2)

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  • 14052012

    Leave Me Alone

    Aaow!-Hoo Hoo!

    I don't care what you talkin' 'bout baby
    I don't care what you say
    Don't you come walkin' beggin' back mama
    I don't care anyway
    Time after time I gave you all of my money
    No excuses to make
    Ain't no mountain that I can't climb baby
    All is going my way

    ('Cause there's a time when you're right)
    (And you know you must fight)
    Who's laughing baby, don't you know
    (And there's the choice that we make)
    (And this choice you will take)
    Who's laughin' baby

    So just leave...

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  • 14052012

    Another Part Of Me

    We're takin' over
    We have the truth
    This is the mission
    To see it through
    Don't point your finger
    Not dangerous
    This is our planet
    You're one of us

    We're sendin' out
    A major love
    And this is our
    Message to you
    (Message to you)
    The planets are linin' up
    We're bringin' brighter days
    They're all in line
    Waitin' for you
    Can't you see...?
    You're just another part of me...

    Out from a nation
    I feel the truth
    The final message
    We'll bring...

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  • 14052012

    Your body is mine
    Gonna tell you right
    Just show your face
    In broad daylight
    I'm telling you
    On how I feel
    Gonna hurt your mind
    Don't shoot to kill
    Come on.
    Come on.
    Lay it on me
    All right...

    I'm giving you
    On count of three
    To show your stuff
    Or let it be...
    I'm telling you
    Just watch your mouth
    I know your game
    What you're about

    Well they say the sky's the limit
    And to me that's really true
    But my friend you have seen nothin'

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  • 14052012

    The Way You Make Me Feel

    Hey pretty baby with the high heels on
    You give me fever like I've never ever known
    You're just a product of loveliness
    I like the groove of your walk, your talk, your dress
    I feel your fever from miles around
    I'll pick you up in my car and we'll paint the town
    Just kiss me baby and tell me twice
    That you're the one for me

    The way you make me feel
    (The way you make me feel)
    You really turn me on
    (You really turn me on)
    You knock me off of my feet
    (You knock me off of my feet)

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  • 14052012

    Speed Demon

    I'm headed for the border
    It's on my mind
    And nothin' really matters
    I've got to be on time
    Look in the view mirror
    Is he hot on my tracks
    Is he getting nearer
    I feel some heat is on my back

    (Speed demon)
    Speedin'on the freeway
    Gotta get a leadway
    (Speed demon)
    Doin't it on the highway
    Gotta have it my way
    (Speed demon)
    Mind is like a compass
    I'm stoppin' at nothin'
    (Speed demon)
    (He say) Pull over boy and get your ticket right...

    And nothin'...

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  • 14052012

    Liberian Girl

    (Naku Penda Piya-Naku Taka
    (I Love You Too-I Want You
    Too-My Love)

    Liberian Girl . . .
    You Came And You Changed
    My World
    A Love So Brand New
    Liberian Girl . . .
    You Came And You Changed
    Me Girl
    A Feeling So True

    Liberian Girl
    You Know That You Came
    And You Changed My World,
    Just Like In The Movies,
    With Two Lovers In A Scene
    And She Says . . .
    "Do You Love Me"
    And He Says So Endlessly . . .
    "I Love You, Liberian Girl"

    (Naku Penda...

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  • 14052012

    Just Good Friends

    Na na na - na na na na nah!

    Hoo hoo!
    Dancin' - Hee!
    Doggone lover!

    C'mon boy

    I watched you on the floor
    Cheek to cheek
    She's getting to you
    You didn't see - her eyes on me - no
    She looked right trought you
    (Before you make)
    Before you make
    (A big mistake)
    That looks can fool you baby, hee!

    There's something I would sure appreciate
    (If you can keep a secret)

    Baby loves me

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  • 14052012

    Man In The Mirror

    I'm gonna make a change
    On once in my life
    It's gonna feel real good
    Gonna make a difference
    Gonna make it right

    As I turn up the collar on
    My favorite winter coat
    This wind is blowing my mind

    I see the kids in the streets
    With not enough to eat
    Who am I to be blind?
    Pretending not to see their needs

    A summer disregard
    A broken bottle top
    And a one man soul

    They follow each other on the wind, ya' know
    'Cause they got nowhere to go
    That's why I want...

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  • 14052012
    I Just Can't Stop Loving You

    I Just Want To Lay Next To You For Awhile
    You Look So Beautiful Tonight
    Your Eyes Are So Lovely
    Your Mouth Is So Sweet
    A Lot Of People Misunderstand Me
    That's Because They Don't
    Know Me At All
    I Just Want To Touch You
    And Hold You
    I Need You
    God I Need You
    I Love You So Much

    Each Time The Wind Blows
    I Hear Your Voice So
    I Call Your Name . . .
    Whispers At Morning
    Our Love Is Dawning
    Heaven's Glad You Came . . .

    You Know How I Feel

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  • 14052012

    Dirty Diana

    Oh no...
    Oh no...
    Oh no...

    You'll never make me stay
    So take your weight off of me
    I know your every move
    So won't you just let me be
    I've been here times before
    But I was too blind to see
    That you seduce every man
    This time you won't seduce me

    She's saying that's ok
    Hey baby do what you please
    I have the stuff the you want
    I am the thing that you need
    She looked me deep in the eyes
    She's touchin' me so to start
    She says there's no turnin' back
    She trapped me in her...

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  • 14052012

    Smooth Criminal

    As he came into the window
    It was the sound of a crescendo
    He came into her apartment
    He left the bloodstains on the carpet
    She ran underneath the table
    He could see she was unable
    So she ran into the bedroom
    She was struck down, it was her doom

    Annie, are you ok?
    So, Annie are you ok
    Are you ok, Annie?
    Annie, are you ok?
    So, Annie are you ok
    Are you ok, Annie?
    Annie, are you ok?
    So, Annie are you ok?
    Are you ok, Annie? Annie, are you ok?
    So, Annie are you ok, are you ok...

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